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About us

The Venerabile Compagnia dei Quochi is an association created to join together and regroup around itself: cooks, managers, professionists, artists and lovers of cooking, art and culture in general, who reside all over the national country and abroad.

The spirit of the association and its members is aimed at valorising artistic, cultural and managerial activities, organizing: meetings, food and wine events, exhibitions, promotional activities and convivial moments, in order to encourage cohesion among its members, mainly in the territory but also in Italy and abroad, as well as to increase the prestige of its members and all the professionalism that make it up.

The members of the Venerabile are carefully selected by the executive board, assessed on the basis of their professional résumé as well as of the special characteristics and peculiarities of the person. Each year only a small number of new members is admitted.

Thanks to the work conducted with an important Consorzio of the territory, the association disposes of the means to achieve a ‘corporate’ kind of organization, namely fast reaction and execution as well as effective relations on a daily basis with enterprises and entrepreneurs. These relations are placed at the disposal of all of the association’s members.

To be a member of the Venerabile Compagnia dei Quochi does not mean you are simply a holder of a prestigious membership card. It means you have chosen to improve yourself and the world you live and work in, and to proudly experience all of the activities conducted together, from the meetings to the events.

The association also takes into serious consideration the marketing required to promote both itself and its partners. To this end it has always worked closely with an important local agency that helps it to develop effective communication with the external world and with its members, thereby eliminating the limitation of interaction that is often seen in associations.